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Home Cash Flow Manager
Personal Finance Software Household Budget Software
Personal finance software
household budget
home budgeting
home budgeting software
money management software
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“Rather than working 
hard for money all of your 
life, have money work 
hard for you, so that you 
can choose the life you 
wish to live.”        
–  Financial freedom
Mind Shift Technologies 
Pty. Ltd.
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Home budget software

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Personal Finance Software Money Management Software Home Budget Software


    Welcome to Home Cash Flow Manager

Home Cash Flow Manager is a finance and accounting software program to track 
your personal finances. If you want to know where your 
money goes, then this is the tool for you.  It is more than a 
household budget program, it is designed to help you 
develop good financial habits and start the journey 
towards financial freedom.  
The first step is knowing where your money is flowing.  
Home Cash Flow Manager tracks your cash flow.  
It is like having a personal financial Book Keeper.
By using Home Cash Flow Manager you will be able to 
measure whether you are getting richer or poorer. There 
are many features to help you analyze and improve your 
money management.
Home Cash Flow Manager is also designed to increase 
your financial literacy and your financial intelligence.
Price $30 US (Internet download)
CD-Rom version add $8 US for shipping
Requires a PC running Windows 2000 
operating system or higher